Buy Clojure Programming, get the latest Clojure Atlas for just $5! That's $10 off, son!

Remember when video games used to use the game manual as a form of copy protection? So, to play the game, you had to enter (for example) the 5th word on the 8th page of the manual. Good times, huh?

This works on the same principle, but the point here isn't to implement copy protection. If you have bought Clojure Programming, just answer the question below, and you'll be able to buy the latest Clojure Atlas for just $5.

Of course, if you don't own Clojure Programming yet, you can certainly buy it so as to take advantage of this discount. You should find that the Atlas and the book complement each other nicely in helping you start to learn and then deeply understand Clojure. If you hadn't noticed, I'm one of the book's coauthors. Whether that makes me biased or informed is up to you… ;-)

What is the first word on the 357th page of Clojure Programming? (Ignore leading punctuation, case doesn't matter.)